What is a solidarity economy?

Source: Climate Justice Alliance


The solidarity economy is a post-capitalist framework of economic activity that is guided by the needs of humanity and nature. These needs take precedence over the interests of market forces and a price system. The goal is to create an “economic cooperative ecology of caring community” as Jessica Gordon Nembhard describes.


Necessity is the mother of invention, and history has shown that our current economic system isn’t working for all of us. We need a system of exchange based on mutuality and care. The amazing thing is, elements of a new, more caring, equitable economy are already happening! Check out the graphic below of some common examples, and learn more from the US Solidarity Economy Network.
Source: Miller, E. Solidarity economy: Key Concepts and Issues

New roots for a new world

At Justice Cream, we aim to plant seeds that create new roots for the world we wish to see!
Source: Gutierrez, H: Prefigurative Liberatory Praxis as a complement to Critical Race Theory in Education

JOY is humanizing!

Our place in the ecosystem is to bring joy and togetherness through sweets, while also feeding the structures that affirm life and dignity.

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We’ll be hosting interactive teach-ins soon to spread knowledge and hope for a new economy rooted in humanity and care. Stay tuned!