The name has gone through multiple evolutions, but it’s pronounced “justice cream.” Because it’s not just ice cream. It’s also not “justice ice cream” :).

All of our products are nondairy!

We are critical of the nonprofit industrial complex and focus on grassroots organizations on the leading edge of transformative justice work. To learn more, check out our partners page!

Since this is a new economy we’re trying to build, we’re exploring different options. Pricing is also dependent on ensuring a living wage for all those along the producer-to-consumer chain. Solidarity pricing in terms of sliding scales, bartering, reparative pricing, and other models are currently being explored.

We are critical of both the nonprofit industrial complex and electoral politics. We depart from traditional nonprofits in that we are a worker self-directed organization. We resist capitalist logics. And we do not subscribe to political labels like “progressive.”

All our products are nondairy, uplift stories from the communities empowered by the organization, and we are intentional about our ingredients. We do not culturally appropriate, as all of our products are created in collaboration with the cultures that they reflect, and all the profits go back to those communities. Also, unlike corporations or charity models, we have a flat governance in order to model the spirit of “power to the people”. When we have enough funding to pay our workers, pay rates will be flat. 

Most (if not all) other models also only donate an ambiguous portion of their profits to justice orgs, whereas all of our profits go towards transformative justice. We also do not do this for self-promotion or clout. You will not see our faces or BIPOC tokenization on our social media.

Finally, we are also a BIPOC-led mutual aid organization — we each have a personal stake in the movements within this collective.

Profit refers to the amount of revenue left after accounting for labor, supplies, and other overhead (reported on our 990 and transparently to our partners). We have a small team dedicated to fundraising and grantwriting, which will supplement our revenue. Finally, we will be developing a line of Justice Cream products and services (e.g., technical assistance) that will help to cover our expenses.

We’re based out of Chicago, IL. Brick and mortar location TBD!

We will be exploring limited shipping but currently are focused on localized economies. However, in an ideal world, there would be an autonomous Justice Cream site in every region, run by the local network of freedom fighters 🙂

Not at this time, thank you though!

We are currently focused on building our infrastructure, so we don’t have capacity to do pop ups right now. Thank you for inviting us!