Narrative is power

Thank you for your interest in uplifting Justice Cream. Our communications are strictly focused on shifting culture to promote a more compassionate and equitable society. Therefore, starting in November 2021, we require the following:

  1. Content (press coverage, interview transcripts, recordings, etc.) and engagements must be approved by all Justice Cream organizers before publication / dissemination. We must review all materials prior to publication. We prohibit dissemination of any content that does not accurately represent us or that can be used to harm us and/or our movement.
  2. A donation must be made to sustain our organization. This is different from a purchase of goods. As a lean organization whose priority is on programming, we do not have much capacity to respond to media requests.
  3. No full-face photography or full names of any team members may be used. Photos of products are allowed. Photography that has face coverings may be allowed if done by our in-house photographer only.

to request press coverage or a speaking engagement, please compete the following form:

Media / Speaking Request