How this works

100% of Profits?

Justice Cream donates 100% of profits to the grassroots community organizations that we co-create the flavors with.

This refers to the revenue left after accounting for the cost of production, which includes ingredients, artist commissions, legal fees, utilities used to produce the desserts, accounting services, and labor.

Cost of Goods

We strive to source ingredients that are (1) local, in order to support small businesses instead of large corporations (2) pay a living wage to workers and/or operate through a cooperative economy, (3) organic/sustainable. Therefore, our cost of goods is higher than the standard, at about 30-50% of our price structure.


We are currently all volunteers working full-time jobs and/or going to school full-time while caring for our communities. Once we stabilize with your support (please donate! :)), we plan to fairly compensate our future staff. We will operate on a flat pay structure, with salaries democratically determined by our network of community organizations.

Artists and Trademarks

The label for each flavor is designed by a BIPOC artist. We honor the rates of the artists chosen for the label, and compensate them using a portion of the sales from that flavor. Additionally, community organizations may choose to protect their intellectual property through the trademarking process. This will also be funded by a portion of sales from their flavor.